Lo-d – A dining room like your second home

Located in Sakuragaoka-cho, a quiet neighborhood completely detached from the bustles of Shibuya, the restaurant welcomes you with its signature glass windows covered in deep-green ivy leaves. Stepping inside, you will be greeted by the high ceiling combined with thoroughly polished wooden floor and comfortable space filled with greeneries.

As candle lights softly illuminate the interior, a wall screen plays nostalgic movies from long time ago. As you listen to the mellow sound of the analogue record player with a glass of wine in one hand, the atmosphere slowly allows you to let your guard down… Relax in the lounge complete with heavy sofas covered with authentic leather. Be treated to delectable course dishes at the table. Engaging in a casual chat with the bartender waiting at our iconic green counter would add a delight. Single or group, party or otherwise, guests are in for a relaxed treat.

A home away from home, where you can let your guard down, is what Lo-d offers.

Yoichiro Tani

Yoichiro Tani, Owner